A Different Model of Medical Care

I chose to become a primary care naturopathic physician so I could integrate the best of both worlds.

I’m part of the modern model -a provider with most insurance plans, ordering labs, and prescribing medication when necessary -but also work with nutrition, herbal medicine, and use physical techniques like osteopathic manipulation and craniosacral therapy.

Naturopathic medicine supplies me with the tools to meet folks where they’re at,  mentally, physically and emotionally.  It allows my patients to experience an entirely different model of healthcare. A model where they are in charge -they are part of the team.

Prepare to spend more time with me during a visit than you would with your past doctors…  I’ll ask -and answer- a lot of questions.  We’ll explore your issues, and do our best to find the answers.  It’s about  you feeling good and experiencing optimal health.

The Story

Dr. James Pendleton is a licensed primary care physician specializing in a naturopathic approach to family health. With nineteen years of clinical experience, he integrates the best of both conventional and complimentary healing. He works with patients in-person and remotely.

Dr. James has nurtured a family practice in Seattle, directed a VIP medical center in Abu Dhabi UAE, and managed the product development for Nature’s Secret/Irwin Naturals in Los Angeles. He also teaches college sciences as an assistant professor. In addition to this, Dr. James has authored several books!

Dr. James has lived and worked throughout the world, combining his passion for travel, with the study of healing herbs. He received his medical training at Bastyr University, a prestigious naturopathic medical school with a rigorous program that integrates both conventional and science-based complimentary approaches to healing. Prior to medical school Dr. James received a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Florida Atlantic University, after serving for several years in the US Army as a paramedic.

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